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Terms & Conditions

1. G.I.L makes no representation concerning any trademark, word, or symbol which is inscribed by G.I.L or which is idenfied on this Report.

2. The recipient of this report may whish to consult a credentialed jeweler or gemologist about the information contained herein.

3. The security features in this document, including the hologram, security screen and microprint lines, In addition to those not listed, Exceed document security Industry Guid lines.

4. Inscription reported in this document are not a gurantee, validation, or warranty of a diamond's quality, country of origin or source; or that the diamond will be identifiable by the inscription in the future (since inscription can be removed).

5. This report is not gurantee, valuation or appraisal and contains only the characteristics of the diamond described herein after it has been graded, tested, examined and analyzed by the laboratory providind this report ("G.I.L") and/or has been inscribed using the techniques and equipment used by G.I.L at the time of the examination and/or inscription.